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I Love CrossStitch / 2010-10-05

Thank you for inquiring about I Love CrossStitch! We are a Design group of counted cross-stitch designs to retail needlework shops throughout the world. Please simply fill out and return the Wholesale Customer Application to have your account set up. The discount available to international customers is 55% of the retail price.

All orders must be prepaid by VISA or MasterCard via Paypal. Our minimum opening order is $250 USD.

Our shipping policy is quick and efficient as most orders go out within 24 hours. We use FedEX and DHL for shipping internationally. They offer us very large discounts and we pass these savings on shipping costs to you by offering rates much lower than the published prices.

We reserve the right to cease business relations with any shop who attempts to sell I Love CrossStitch cross stitch pattern design books or leaflets outside of authorized venues (on internet auction pages, internet bulletin boards and/or chat rooms, yard sales, etc), violates the copyright restrictions of any business associated with I Love CrossStitch, jeopardizes our business relationships with other shops or vendors, or uses the I Love CrossStitch name without permission. All websites must be submitted to I Love CrossStitch for review before the account is opened and any link is placed to your page.

We hope that you will consider us as your business partner for quality counted cross stitch pattern design books! Please feel free to e-mail, or you may proceed to download a Wholesale Customer Application to open an account.
These Terms are Subject To Change Without Notice
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